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Heat Pack 72 Hours

Heat Pack 72 Hours

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  • Designed for reliable and steady heat release for 72+ hours.
  • Shipping warmer are excellent for shipping live succulents needing warmth in shipping.
  • Produces an average temperature of 70°F in a standard 1cu. ft. shipping box.
  • Environmentally safe, disposable, and inner contents are biodegradable.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
My order from Yumi Succulents

I was very impressed...I ordered Monday morning and I received the order Tuesday morning . It was minus 15 where I live and the ordered was well packaged with an insulated wrap and heat pack ... all items were received in good shape ...

Alain Morrissette
72 hours? not sure

The plants spent a little less than 24 hours in the box. They were in very good condition and well packaged. The inside of the box was room temperature near the heat pack at the bottom and cold (not freeze) at the top of the box. In my opinion, these conditions would not have been as good after 48 hours.
With weather forecast above -10° and express delivery, I wouldn't hesitate to order again.


Andrea T
Awesome service

Bei g new to succulents, Yumi upgraded me from a 36hr pack to a 72 hr heat pack. Very thankful for that as my succulents arrived in good condition.
It is awesome to have a supplier who cares about the propagating experience beyond the purchasing process.

Maria Mejia
Heat pack

Love the heat pack, kept my order from freezing. My lovelies arrived in great condition! Thank you yumi succulents!